Friday, March 03, 2006

Who is the Greatest Living British Writer?

That's the question posed by The Book Magazine on their website. They may be plastering the blog community with pleas for us to vote and publicize the poll; since they e-mailed me, I have to imagine they've also contacted the ten thousand or so book-bloggers with more readers than I do.

But polls are fun, and the message wasn't particularly spammy, so I went to vote. The pickings are slim from our area (only Rowling and Pratchett that I noticed), but the names they do have listed seem like good candidates.

After long thought, I finally cast my vote for: J.G. Ballard (who I had to write in). Anyone else voting in this?


John DeNardo said...

We've been schooled. As pointed out to me, Doris Lessing is also a writer of science fiction.

Anonymous said...


If you are looking for people on that Book Magazine list who have written SF or Fantasy, you can add Ian McEwan (who had a story in Ted White's Fantastic, of all places), A. S. Byatt, Martin Amis, and Kazuo Ishiguro, at least.

Rich Horton

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