Friday, August 31, 2007

SFWA's Andrew Burt Shows His Worth Again

If you haven't read the Boing Boing story, go there first. (And then to Toby Buckell's place.)

Is it polite to ask why someone who doesn't seem to have very little (if any) professional writing to steal is so hotted up about piracy?

I do wish SFWA would stop re-arranging the lifeboats with a hatchet and start doing something constructive. They might help individuals, but they seem to be doing only bad things for the field and the reputations of SF/Fantasy people.

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Rick Cook said...

Well, Andrew I'll give you one reason.

SFWA is a terminally broken organization, and subject to being run off in weird directions by members of great passion and not much sense.

I've gone into this thing at great length on my blog "Heresy Pornography and Treason" in a series of posts titled "Whack the Gopher", starting with:

Short form: Burt's notions of copyright are nearly as broken as SFWA.

--Rick Cook

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