Friday, March 13, 2009

I Iz Serius Comix Revuer Nao?

As always, linking to links to me makes the Baby Jesus cry, but I haven't cared about that l'il fella since I was about sixteen.

Since I haven't posted anything else of substance today (and it's already Friday afternoon, the land where good intentions go to die), I'm happy to note that The Comics Journal's "Journalista!" blog has now quoted me up at the top of a daily post twice in two weeks.

I'm pretty sure they even know I'm not that other Andrew Wheeler.

This clearly means that I am a force to be reckoned with in Internet comics criticism -- along with about a hundred other people who read more stuff and are more felicitous in writing about comics than I am -- so you'd better get in good with me now, while you still can.

(It also means I should try to figure out what the hell I think about Monster Men Bureiko Lullaby, which is almost certainly the most offensive comic I ever will read. I do appreciate it for that, but, still -- wow.)

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Glenn Hauman said...

Daymn, man, we known this for years that you be serious, wit mad skillz.

(Sorry, my lolcat's in the shop.)

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