Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Perfectly Cromulent New Name

So while I was away yesterday -- I was off Sunday and yesterday at Great Wolf Lodge, a hotel/indoor water-park, to celebrate Thing 1's birthday -- the media entity once known as the Sci-Fi Channel decided to open itself to the ridicule of the blogeratti by proving that stupid and highly paid consultants are still America's strongest asset.

The new name: Syfy. (Pronounced precisely the same way as the old name, at least in intent.)

The new tagline: Imagine Greater.

The new stupidity: sweet, with an undertone of Internet bitterness.

Yes, it's a very dumb name, chosen almost entirely because it can be trademarked. And, yes, their new motto is both dumb and ungrammatical. But when did we ever expect anything more from the pointy heads at the Skiffy Channel? This is what they do.

I don't watch anything on their silly little network, so I really don't care what they call it. I do enjoy pointing and laughing, but I'll refrain for the moment. Why? Well, I've heard tell that a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man, and I hope to imagine greater.


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