Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A New Publishing Term

Well, it was new to me. I doubt it was freshly coined.

The term: "rip & tip".

The context: a Production meeting.

The comparison: It's not a strip & rebind.

Are five people about to comment and say "Oh, that's as common as dirt! I can't believe you didn't know that!"?


Anonymous said...

<Glyph of Puzzlement>

Alyssa Smith said...

I've never heard it but I'm assuming you rip out the page and tip in the new one (on a finished book), right?

moonrat said...

uh, NEVER heard this before. i'll have to ask around.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Alyssa: That's exactly it -- it made perfect sense in context, but it's not a term I'd ever heard before. (I doubt it's all that common, but I do like collecting odd bits of publishing jargon.)

Unknown said...

I have never heard that term in my life.

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