Monday, March 30, 2009

Reading 'till My Eyes Fall Out

The big Eisner-judging weekend is now over -- though I'm sworn to secrecy about the details until everything has been cross-checked and verified, so don't ask -- and I'm back at home. We tested the physical limits of just how much a small group of people can read in a short amount of time -- we five judges (and the administrator) were together just about every waking moment from Thursday evening to Sunday night, and if we weren't reading comics/graphic novels/manga, we were talking about them. (On Sunday, as we got into crunch time, we all actually brought comics to lunch to read, which was a glorious moment.)

Since I keep track of these things, here are my totals. But I should also point out that I didn't count dozens of "floppies" -- periodical comics -- nor the innumerable other books that I read parts of. It also doesn't count webcomics, which we were also reading. These are only the book-like objects that I read from beginning to end.
  • Thursday: 7 books
  • Friday: 8 books
  • Saturday: 13 books
  • Sunday: 11 books
  • Today: just one book, and it wasn't a comic, either (now that the judging is over)
Grand total for the trip: 40 books in 5 days.

I think I'm ready to read some words that don't have pictures attached to them for a couple of days....

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