Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Roku This!

Amazon would like it to be known that they now sell the Roku Digital Video Player, which attaches to nearly any TV (and any broadband Internet connection) to provide video on demand from either Amazon (a library of 40,000 items) or Netflix (with subscription of course, and a library of about 12,000).

I've looked at the Netflix list, and most of my queue -- over two hundred things that I think I might want to see someday -- aren't available instantly, and the ones that are mostly are pretty far down my "want to see soon" list. So I'm probably not buying one of these for myself immediately. ( is awfully cool, and very small, which is a great thing in a new attach-to-TV gadget.)

If any of you want to get one of these things, Amazon is now happy to sell one to you, and is also happy to sell you as many of those aforementioned Videos on Demand as you can tolerate. Have fun with it, if it looks like something you want.

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