Thursday, March 12, 2009

Watching the Watchmen (Sales)

Watchmen, according to the book-sales tracking system BookScan, was the #3 selling book overall last week, behind only Steve Harvey's Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and the unstoppable The Shack.

To put that in perspective: it's outselling all five Stephenie Meyer books...and that week was mostly before the movie opened. It must be nice to be Paul Levitz right about now.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how Watchmen's sales compare to the other DC/Vertigo sites...

Andrew Wheeler said...

Mark: Well, Watchmen is both #1 and #3 (in hardcover), with just the new Naruto volume in between.

(Though that Naruto sold about one copy for every 8 1/2 that Watchmen sold.)

There are some Bat-books at #s 12 & 15, more DC Universe at #23 & 24 (though we're now down well under 1/50 of Watchmen's sales), and more at #28, 36, and 50.

In fact, if I added correctly, Watchmen sold more than 5,000 more copies than all of the other books in the top 50 graphic novels combined. So that's a lot of books -- and it's just one week.

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