Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Greetings of the Day

There have been a number of news announcements, uniquely April-Firstian, that deserve to be mentioned together:
Oddly, Locus doesn't seem to be playing the game this year. Bad form, old man!

There may be more; updates will follow if I dig up other things.


Locus did come through, after I'd checked them, with a number of articles, including one on the retirement of the semicolon.

Amazon turns to airships for its cloud computing.

The Millions reports on Granta's upcoming all-celebrity issue.

The Kenyon Review acquires Random House.

NASA upgrades an astronaut's head.

The Sun dislikes the extended version of the Ukranian national anthem.

Second Update:

One last one, before I leave work -- George R.R. Martin has found the perfect writer to help him finish A Dance With Dragons, one of the quickest, most decisive and prolific writers of our time...and I'll leave you to click the link to find out who that is.

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