Friday, April 17, 2009

One Reason I'm Quite Fond of the Library

I've currently got 19 books out, with a street value of over $384 -- and that's not counting the nineteen books my two sons collectively have out, or the two videos. (Or the new Daniel Pinkwater book waiting for me to pick it up tomorrow, either.)

Whenever the local libraries here in North Jersey started collecting graphic novels semi-seriously was a great day for both me and my wallet. (Not to mention my bookshelves.) I still wish they'd collect more seriously for adults, but I guess the Yoshihiro Tatsumis and Seths of this world are a minority taste.

(I'm thinking about this because we'll be going to the library tomorrow, so I have to gather up most of this stuff to take it back...which is not as easy as it might seem when there are forty items checked out and strewn across three floors of the house.)

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