Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Sentiment I Don't Disagree With

"Ebooks, if successful, will sink the trade publishing industry."
- "Why Ebooks Must Fail," Evan Schnittman

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Anonymous said...

I've been trying for some time to understand the attitude so many people (particularly young techno-geeks but it seems to apply to nearly all young educated middle-class Americans these days) have such animosity towards publishers (in every medium). While investment bankers are not in the best odor these days, I think most sensible people recognize that they are necessary to the function to the economy; publishers are effectively the VCs or investment bankers of the creative world. The need for capital -- whether to hire designers and editors or even just to put food on the author's table -- is not going to go away no matter what happens with the technology for delivering that content to the user. Any new model for how any part of the creative industry might work in the future must answer the question of how the creators live while their work is in its non-revenue-generating phase will fail. (So too will any model that assumes foundations/the government/the author's trust fund/royalties on previous products will pay for this.)

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