Friday, October 28, 2011

Less Exciting Book Titles

Yesterday, the hashtag #lessexcitingbooktitles flashed like wildfire through the status boxes of Twitter -- or, at least, a couple of bookish people were doing it, as a takeoff on a much more popular and widespread meme about music.

These were my contributions; I hope that you find them suitably unexciting:
  • The Pretty Good Storm
  • The Leaseholder of the Rings
  • Fahrenheit 84
  • Lord Valentine's Summer Cottage
  • The Factory-Refurbished Man
  • The Moon Is a Grumpy Friend
  • Peace and Peace
  • The Girl With the Dragon Temporary Tattoo
  • The For-a-Little-While War
  • Man Equals
  • A Connecticut Yankee in Greenwich
  • Darkness at Midnight
  • I, Clarence
  • Fluttering Slightly With the Wind
  • To Have and Have Some More
  • The Da Vinci Acrostic
  • The Mediocre Gatsby
  • A Town Not All That Much Like Alice

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