Friday, October 28, 2011

Today's Favorite Song

Anything I do more than once becomes a tradition, and so, here's the song I'm currently listening to too much (and too loudly) in my car -- "Welcome to Your Wedding Day" by The Airborne Toxic Event [1].

It's got a great opening, with almost random musical riffs bouncing off each other until the first verse starts -- and there's a wonderful '80s-style keyboard sound in it, too. Plus, of course, it's the kind of song that makes you want to turn it up loud in your car, which is one of the very best kinds of songs.

(It's from their new record, All At Once.)

Welcome To Your Wedding Day (Album Version)

Edit: That player isn't working for me -- it's supposed to launch the MP3 from the band's (snicker!) MySpace page, but doesn't seem to be doing that. So, instead, have some random person's fan-made video for Assassin's Creed with this song as the soundtrack. (There's also an official live acoustic version on YouTube that's good in its own way, but it doesn't have the looming ominousness of the album version.)

[1] Who also have an eminently literary name, which I appreciate.

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