Monday, December 19, 2016

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 12/17

The year is hurtling towards its end, but there's still time for a few books before it goes. And when those books hit my desk, I tell you about them.

There's only one this time out, but that's not too bad for such a hectic time of year, is it? Would you really have time for me to tell you about dozens of new books if they all landed on my doorstep? Probably not.

So what I have for you today is a standalone graphic novel by Cassandra Jean called Reindeer Boy. It looks to be at least mildly manga-influenced, and it's out now from Yen Press. Every year, on the night before Christmas, Quincy dreams that a a little boy with antlers is giving her a special present wrapped in tinfoil. But this year, a teen-aged Quincy meets a teen boy who looks just like that kid after winter break -- full antlers and all. Even more weirdly, that boy, Cupid, tells Quincy that she's growing antlers, too -- and he seems to be right.

I can't remember another book about antler people, so Jean gets high marks for originality here. I'll have to read the thing to figure out the rest of the marks, but her art is expressive and energetic at first glace -- a very good sign.

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