Monday, December 26, 2016

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 12/24

So this past week has been the lead-up to the single biggest holiday in the European-derived world, full of festivities and frivolities and all sorts of other things beginning with F. What it has not been, though, is a particularly fruitful day for books-in-the-mail over at the Wheeler homestead.

(This is not actually surprising.)

To be clearer: I didn't get any books in the mail. And so I will not be covering any of it here.

Reviewing the Mail is on hiatus this week, until there's some mail to review. I did get a stack of books for Christmas, which I hope to post about them later today, and I'm also still trying to finish off writing about what I read this year while it's still this year. If you're stuck in Aunt Petunia's house for the week, trying to avoid the more horrible members of your family, I hope I can give you a few moments of vague staring-at-your-phone pleasure.

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