Friday, July 23, 2021

Quote of the Week: Life Paths

Eustace "Fingers" Fogelheimer  had grown up with your usual disadvantaged background leading so often to crime, as it had done in this particular instance as well. That his father was a drunk was Fingers' first clue to his probable future, and his mother's improbable sweetness, endless patience, and voluminous bromides served as a strong confirmation. Still, Fingers hoped he might yet be the exception that proved the rule - as his mother might have put it - until that fateful day when he'd come home to discover his brother had become a priest. From that moment, Fingers Folgelheimer knew his doom was sealed: the very next day, he went and joined the Flatbush-Canarsie mob.

 - Donald E. Westlake, Comfort Station, 6:15 PM chapter

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