Monday, October 08, 2007

A Car Fit for a Hornswoggler

Once I got the new job, I was finally free to cast off the shackles of "the dark car" (a 1998 Ford Windstar minivan on which nearly every electric system was dying a slow, protracted, horrible death) and leap into something new.

After much research and thought -- because I don't do anything precipitously -- I bought a brand-new Honda Fit this past Friday. This is only my second car total; I didn't really drive at all until I was thirty (though I had a license -- it's a long story, but not an interesting one). And the Fit is my first brand-new, all-for-me car.

So I am quite happy about it.

Happy enough that even the fact that Thing 1, while attempting to entertain himself and his younger brother by repeatedly yanking the rear door of the dark car up and down (as I was cleaning said car out), slammed that door quite hard into my head -- probably scarring me for life, and causing me to bleed quite profusely just before my appointment to buy my new car -- could not cut into my happiness. (Though I may have inadvertently taught those two hooligans some choice new words at the moment of impact.)

Anyway, this is the new Hornswoggler-mobile. It doesn't really have a name yet, and might not get one, but I'm toying with calling it Julius. (For the obvious reason.)


Anonymous said...

Julius as in Orange Julius? Maybe it's the light, but I wouldn't describe that car as orange. "Rust-colored" is what comes to mind, or "red" if I have to choose a traditional color word.

Anonymous said...

You got the wrong kind of minivan. My Chevy Astro is 21 years old at Thanksgiving. I hope the new car works well for you!

Anonymous said...

We got a Fit a while back, and have really enjoyed it. Even now, some three months later, I still have moments of glee about the car.

Johan, having seen that color Fit in real life, trust me when I say that it is so vibrantly orange that you'll see a blue-green afterimage.

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