Friday, October 12, 2007

I Can Haz Panel!

Even though I have no official professional connection to Fantasy these days, I'm still clinging tightly to the world of genre whenever possible. So I'm very happy to note that I'm still considered important enough to be on a panel at World Fantasy:

THURSDAY, 9 PM. City Center A
The Fantasy Graphic Novel.
Think of Watchmen, Maus, or The Sandman. How does the graphic novel (i.e. what we used to call a comic book, only different) achieve a depth and complexity on the level of an adult prose novel?
Alisa Kwitney Sheckley, Matthew Dow Smith, Charles Vess, Andrew Wheeler, Doselle Young

Yes, a panel. Unless you're a Guest of Honor (or maybe a Judge), you get one at best. It's a con almost entirely made up of filthy pros, so they all need time to talk at each other.

Hm. One could certainly read condescension into that description, should one want to (even in that glancing "adult prose novel" at the end), but I don't think any was meant. And I'd better start thinking and making notes if I'm going to keep up with that group.


Anonymous said...

Is it coincidence that you and Phil and Kaja Foglio both chose to use Lolcat titles when annoucing that you're talking about comics?

Anonymous said...

Two of the names seem familiar -- the artist Vess, and didn't Wheeler have a column at ninthart ?


Andrew Wheeler said...

RGL: Um, I'm not that Andrew Wheeler, actually. I think he's British.

I'm the Andrew Wheeler who used to be an editor at the SFBC, and who currently reviews graphic novels at ComicMix. I'm American.

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