Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Read in March

Yes, we're all another month older and closer to death. But let's not dwell on that...let's obsess about books instead!

Here's what obsessed me this past month:
Michael Maslin, The More the Merrier (3/1)
A mid-80s collection by a New Yorker cartoonist, which I grabbed and read because it was on the shelf at my local library. (Decent libraries all have the same list of central, important books, but they also each have their own idiosyncratic other stuff in and around those books, like this -- why would they have this collection, by this artist?) It's all very New Yorker-y, with lots of couples in living rooms and talking about the relationship (sometimes both at the same time). But much of it was amusing, and Maslin has, or had, a loose, energetic style that contrasted well with the buttoned-up subject matter. And that was the month of March -- thirty-one books in thirty-one days; which, happily, is what I usually shoot for. So now I can only be unhappy about the fact that so many of them were comics, so I didn't get through as many "real" books as I wanted to...

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