Monday, March 08, 2010

Your Semi-Regular Unabashed Commerce Update

My Amazonian overlords have spoken again, and these are the things they wish for me to transmit to you unsuspecting sheep discriminating consumers:

Not content to provide year-ending lists of approved books, Phase Two of the List Program has launched with best books of the month. Use that link at your own risk -- if this idea gets enough traction, can the Best Books of Last Week be far behind?

Hey, did'ja know that Microsoft recently realized that their piles of money weren't high enough? It's true; apparently this winter was so cold in Redmond that they had to burn a few piles of fifties, which means Ballmer's TP supply is running low. But don't worry: they've got a "new" "updated" release of the Office suite of products -- which they've already convinced all of our employers is absolutely necessary to the continuation of Western industrialized society -- and so they'll probably have to open Money Shed #725 for the first time since 1998:

(If there's no banner there, possibly because you ave an ad-blocker installed, you can click here for all the gory details.)

Amazon also sent me an e-mail crowing about how wonderful their Blogger plug-ins are, but I'll spare you the details; when I switched over to the new, Amazon-friendly version of Blogger, the Amazon links worked for approximately forty-eight hours, and then sat there like a lump. In another six months or so, I'll take a gander at it again and see if it's any better, but, for now, it's old-school Blogger for this homey. (Disclaimer: blogger is about as far from being a "homey" as humanly possible.)

Edit: The first banner -- chosen because Amazon's banner-choosing page oddly refuses to actually show me what most of the banners actually looks like -- was humorously inappropriate, so I've replaced it. Let's see what this one looks like in 3,2,1....

Edit 2: Well, that wasn't the banner I wanted either, but I like it anyway (for a reason my co-workers would understand), so I'll move it down here:

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