Friday, July 23, 2010

Top 45 With a Bullet

I have to admit that I've entirely lost track of the awards and accolades that groups on the web give out to each other...but I don't think the one that I just won is generally considered massively important. (But do I care? I do not, since I'm always happy to accept a sliver of egoboo.)

Awarding the Web -- of whom I have not previously heard -- and OnlinePhDPrograms -- of whom I have heard, if possible, even less, and at whom I cock a skeptical eye -- have teamed up to present the 2010 Top 45 Sci-Fi Book Blogs, and have stuck Antick Musings on the list at #27. (This was apparently voted on, somehow, by someone -- the whole thing is pretty vague, honestly.)


1) I've never been fond of that awkward neologism, "sci-fi."

2) I'm not sure how much respect I should have for this award.

3) I placed solidly in the middle of a large pack.

4) And it's a pretty tightly circumscribed category to begin with.


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