Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coming Up for Air

Non-Book-A-Day blogging has been very thin on the ground here for several months; it turns out that there is a limit to my time and attention, after all. (I'd apologize if I thought there was any reason to -- as it is, I'll just say that this, too, will pass, and I'll see the other end of Book-A-Day in early February and switch blogging focus then, once again.)

Things I probably would have have had opinions on include:
  • the Realms of Fantasy death and rebirth (see Douglas Cohen's post for details; I'm planning to continue my graphic novels column for them, as long as there is a "them" that wants me)
  • World Fantasy Award winners
  • hell, I missed the Hugo Award winners, and the nominees, too; it's not a good year for me and being on top of awards
  • various skiffy and publishing-world outrages and tumults, including the recipes-on-the-Internet-aren't-copyrightable kerfuffle of last week
  • most of the movies I've seen for the past six months
  • and possibly even actual events in my own life and the lives of my family, including my two increasingly gigantic sons (the twelve-year-old Thing 1 is now taller than my 5'9" wife).
But I don't expect to go backwards, unless something really bothers me enough that I have to write about it. Book-A-Day is both fun and time-consuming, and it's turned into a self-perpetuating mechanism at this point, so I'm just keeping it fed and moving forward for the next three months.

Anyway, I'm still here. I've been using Google Reader for quick look-at-this blogging (which appears in a probably not-all-that-useful sidebar here and then feeds through to my Twitter, @Hornswoggler and then on to Facebook, if those are more convenient), so I'm still out there. And I'm certainly reading books! Though, as always, I'm more worried about the books I'm not getting to read, or how much time I don't spend reading...but I should be used to myself by this point.

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Paul D said...

THis might be a rude question, but are you enjoying the book a day program? Sometimes from reading your posts I can't tell.

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