Monday, November 08, 2010

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 11/6

There's probably a stack of packages -- little presents from the Package Fairy, as I like to put it -- waiting for me, but, as I write this, I don't actually know what they are. I will be home in a few hours, though, so -- if all goes well -- I'll be updating this post later today with a list of what actually did arrive last week. If all doesn't go well, it may take me a couple of days longer....


Well, I was intending to update this with the books that came in last week -- and I'd even typed up a couple of them, before a Firefox crash deep-sixed that work -- but this week was busier than even I expected and the mail was slower than expected.

Actually, the tally is:
  • Last week: 20
  • This week: 1 (which I'd seen previously in bound galleys)
So what I'm actually going to do, seeing as it's already time for next week's list anyway, is just leave this post barren, empty, and forlorn, and move all of last week's books up to next Monday's post. (I may have just confused myself with that explanation; if you managed to follow it, you win three-and-a-half Internets.)

This update, thus, is to say that there is no update. Reviewing the Mail will resume regular service on Monday, November 15th.

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