Friday, July 01, 2011

Read in June

This is a ridiculously short list, but I have a good explanation. (Not that you need one, but any month when I read fewer books than my kids gives me an uneasy feeling.) I spent most of this month reading the Hugo-nominated short fiction, fanzines, and other assorted Hugo detritus, and the first few days of the month reading a report on digital journalism from Columbia. [1] I also spent the first two of these weeks on my epic road trip, which had little time for book-reading. (Though I did catch up by about two months on the New Yorker, as previously mentioned.)

Also, I discovered that an iPad is a pretty decent reading platform, but -- and this is a crucial point -- having Solitaire and Angry Birds already in my hands tends to depress the number of pages I read in a given sitting. This can be considered a bug or a feature, depending on your perspective.

On the gripping hand, that big trip also blew a big hole in my blogging, as you can easily see by the fact that I haven't written about any of these books here yet. I'm now into an exceptionally long weekend, though, so I have hopes of doing some serious keyboard-punching over the next few days.

And, now, for the first time anywhere, the books I actually read this past month!!!!!!!!eleventy!!
July will see me, I hope, read the three Hugo-nominated novels that I haven't already read (making this the first year ever that I read that whole list on purpose) and also digging further down into the stack of nine books that I want to read "next." On top of that, there's some more Hugo reading I'd also like to do -- the rest of the graphic novels and particularly the Heinlein bio -- which means I've got a big stack to get through by the voting deadline at the end of the month. (Good thing I'm on vacation that last week of July!)

[1] My geekiness is both wide and deep, and not easily constrained by usual categories.

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