Monday, September 12, 2011

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 9/10

Every Monday morning -- except when preempted by circumstances, such as floods or travel -- I post a list of the books and other items that I've seen for review in the previous week, annotated in a style I intend to be be both mildly amusing and vaguely informative.

This is the latest such post.

Unfortunately, nothing whatsoever reached my mailbox last week, so I have nothing to write about. As usual, this makes me fear that I've been forever stricken from the Great Publicity List in the Sky, and that I will never see a review copy forevermore. More likely, though, is that publishing has been blearily blinking its eyes and smacking its jowls over the past week, trying to recover from the usual yearly Hamptons bacchanal and get back to work.

Next week, I suppose, I'll see which of those possibilities is true. Meanwhile, have some soothing white space:

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