Monday, May 14, 2012

You've Probably Seen This Already

But it doesn't make it any less true:


Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I'm a democrat and proud supporter of Obama. North Carolina is 60% bigot.

Anonymous said...

The argument here is that homosexuals are so chaste that they will not take a sexual partner unless such partnership is solemnized by the sacrament of marriage. This argument neither reflects experience nor makes sense logically.

I am a Catholic and a proud supporter of civilization. The defining characteristic of the civilized man over the barbarian is that he puts reason over emotion, longterm over shortterm, self-discipline over self-indulgence.
The only thing making the case of homosexuality different from other barbarian practices is that the short-term emotional self-indulgence in this case happens to be a disordered sexual passion. The redefinition of the sacrament of marriage in the attempt to make the disordered seem ordered, no matter how well intentioned, is counterproductive.
All that would happen is the redefinition will make marriage legally meaningless, or, to be precise, more meaningless. This will not assuage the tears of the lonely sexual deviants, because their unhappiness is not imposed on them from society.
By the same logic which dismisses a concern for civilization bigotry, Mr Obama himself was, until a fortnight ago, a bigot, and so too are all the Democrats and Progressives and Blacks of the Southern states who are members of this 60%.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Anonymous: Absolutely wrong. The argument is that married people are happier than single ones, and that's actually been proven by research. (Also, you seem to implicitly agree with it.)

Second, homosexuality is not a "barbarian practice," and saying so merely means you are a bigot.

And I really don't care how fucking Catholic you are when you're that bigoted as well.

Considering that the great-grandfather of one of our current Presidential candidates had five wives, and that marriages between people of different races were illegal in the US within human memory, your claim that marriage is a "sacrament" that has never previously been "redefined" is laughable.

You're on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of politics, and the wrong side of human compassion.

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