Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Read in April

Here's a big oops!: I'm actually typing this on May 7th (though I'm going to back-date this post, so it sits where it's supposed to). Sure, these monthly posts are mostly to help me find things later, and serve as indices of the blog, but it would be nice for me to do them on time.

Anyway, here's what I read last month. I still haven't "reviewed" most of it, and I may need to resort to some kind of Lightning Round posts (or another stint of Book-a-Day) to catch up. I still want each book to have its own post -- mostly so I can link to it later; again, it's just to make things easy for me -- so I won't try to do quick snippets here. But here's the list, with links to (I hope) sprout in the future:
Since I'm doing this a week late, I can tell you that I've already read five books the first week of May (with another that I'll probably finish tomorrow). So the reading part is going fine, though the writing-about-it-afterward bit is more of a problem these days. (And that's because I'm spending too much time doing things like watching MST3K with Thing 2, and playing pool with The Wife, and going to Thing 2's baseball games, and still playing Crazy Taxi -- so I'm going to find ways to fit blogging around those time requirements, not replace them.)

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