Monday, July 23, 2012

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 7/21

A Word from the Trustee of Hornswoggler Holdings, LLC:
Production of blog content is a global, highly competitive industry. While Hornswoggler Holdings, LLP values our traditional US-based workforce, it has been clear for some time that our cost structures were far higher than the benchmark firms in our industry, and that those structures were harming the competitiveness of Hornswoggler Holdings' properties in the marketplace. After a long and arduous process of rightsizing -- utilizing the services of both Marsh and McKinsey along the way; and those folks aren't cheap, either! -- we are please to announce that the "Antick Musings" content will now be produced by Esteban Gonzalez, a resident of Chiapas and formerly the content provider for the very popular Spanish-language website Ahi va mi Sombrero!

Sr. Gonzales will bring the same irreverance, humor, and light-hearted fun to Antick Musings that you have been accustomed to find here on a daily basis. We trust that you will welcome Sr. Gonzales with open arms. We would also wish to thank the tireless, highly professional efforts of our former content providers, if we could be bothered to remember their names.
Hola, mi amigos!

Esteban welcomes you all back to the Antick Musings for another Monday! It is now time for the reviewing of the mail, that joyful occasion where Esteban nuzzles through packages of lovely books to tell you all their secrets! Sadly, I have no packages here in Chiapas -- the boss-man tells me that your old blogger is "being difficult" and "not acting as a team player," but I'm sure that will change soon! 

For now, watch this space -- Esteban will be bringing you much more exciting times from the world of scientifiction and comical funnies very soon! We will become the best of friends, I know we will! Bless you all from Antick Musings!

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