Friday, July 20, 2012

Scratching My Head

So, on July 11th (last Wednesday), I placed an order with a certain comics-focused retailer in midtown Manhattan, to be shipped to my house.

Their location is 41 miles away from my home.

On Saturday, July 14th, I got a notification that my items had shipped, and that tracking information would follow quickly.

I actually got the tracking e-mail on July 18th (Wednesday, one week after the order was placed, and three mailing days after it was supposedly shipped). And that notice told me that the package was in Edgewood, NY, which is 69 miles from my house.

Checking the tracking again the next day, on the 19th (Thursday), the package moved to Logan Township, NJ, which is 122 miles from my house.

Now, I admit that I'm no logistics expert, but it seems to me that when you ship a package to someone, it should, at some point, start getting closer to that person. I'm still waiting for that point.

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