Thursday, April 04, 2013

What Happened to Sitemeter?

I was using them for traffic stats, and their page seems to have turned into a squatter -- did they just suddenly go out of business?

(I'll admit I didn't check my stats as often as I should have, but they were always right there, in that Firefox tab I rarely touched, and that was comforting.)

I mean, I've got Google Analytics too, but I looked at Sitemeter more (meaning once every three months or so).

This Internet stuff keeps changing in ways that are deeply annoying.

Update: April 6th, AM. Sitemeter is back!

But I can't find any reference to the outage on the site itself.

A blogger called The Other McCain reports that Sitemeter forgot to renew their domain -- which is exactly what this looked like, but it's such a basic Web 101 thing that I don't want to believe it -- so perhaps that is the explanation after all.


Jessica Cobb said...

I noticed that too! I looked at Sitemeter daily, so I'm fairly disappointed that it is no long there. I wish they had sent an email out sharing if they were going to close down. :D

Ruxyn said...

:'( omg ya! seriously what happened? :(

Anonymous said...

Sitemeter indeed seems to be a worthless squatter. I was using it earlier in the week as normal. And then - all of a sudden - the squatter showed up.

It's gone!

Really wierd. After more than 10 years, then poof, somebody is doing something really weird with it now.

OTE admin said...

It hasn't come back. I still get the "squatter" webpage.

Anonymous said...

yep, seems gone. Also used it for years. Any good alternatives?

Andrew Wheeler said...

Susan: You might have a cache issue -- try a hard refresh. It looks like the site is really back; I've just been poking through my stats, and they seem to be correct and current.

Or maybe it's only back in some areas but not in others? I didn't think Internet domains worked like that, but my knowledge is not really strong in that area.

Diane Korzeniewski said...

I know I'm writing into a months old comment box, but I was wondering if you are able to get into sitemeter here in July. I have not gone in there in about a week and I can't get in. When I thought it was a password issue, I tried retrieving it and it says the account doesn't exist! I went back to my blog, looked at the sitemeter icon and it's gone. I went to edit that feature in the sidebar and confirmed I had the right account name. I wonder if they went out of business.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Diane: I can still log into sitemeter with both of my accounts, and it looks like all of the information is being regularly updated.

So, as far as I can tell, they're still in business, and still providing about the level of service they used to. Sorry to hear that your account isn't working.

SantaFeKate said...

I can get into the site, but on two of my three blogs the data is missing at the detail level, and one of my blogs shows no visitors at all for May-July and most of August, even though I know there were hundreds of visitors each month. They have not responded to three messages from me.

Stephanie said...

I also can get into the site but the stats are not available. I have sent three support requests and have not gotten a response. Unfortunately, I am paying for the service and my cancellation requests have also gone unanswered. I am very upset right now!!

Anonymous said...

Also paying on 4 accounts, no details, no response to tech requests. Frustrating. Seems its time to find another.

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