Tuesday, April 01, 2014

News of the Day

As usual, the beginning of a month is a major time for exciting announcements of new projects, and April even more so, with spring blooming and bringing new energy to us all. So the first of April is traditionally the day to announce interesting -- one might even say unbelievable news.

As usual, Antick Musings stands ready to report on that news to you, the home viewer.

The bookstore newsletter Shelf Awareness has an issue jam-packed with eye-openers this morning, including a major new hire for Derek Jeter's publishing imprint, the President's self-publishing plans, and a new TV show called The Agent.

SF newszine Locus, though, seems to have no news for us this year, which is a shame: they dug out many amazing stories in years past.

OF Blog of the Fallen has some book announcements.

The Australian site news.online.au -- where it's been today for so long that it's nearly tomorrow already -- has their own round-up of news, though they oddly refer to them as "pranks."

I can't link to this, but if you have an iOS or Android device, you should launch Google Maps today and search. Actually, I can post the announcement, but check your device as well:

The Pirate Bay is embracing the next wave of piracy -- uploading content directly to your brain.


From my other interests...

The Touring Plans blog has uncovered yet more ways Disney plans to FastPass-ize the experience in Orlando.

And Accounting Web has details of new plans to categorize CPAs and make exciting new changes to their mandatory continuing education.

Further Updates, after the news has gone stale:

Tor.com has fantastic news about a new Hogwarts-set middle-grade series from J.K. Rowling focusing on fan-favorite character Colin Creevey. 

The part of John Scalzi in last night's performance -- a whole bunch of last nights, actually -- was played by Mary Robinette Kowal.

The IRS is introducing vending machines for tax returns.

Suvudu announced there will be only one copy of The Winds of Winter. (Which would have been a better joke in the days before digital composition -- every book already exists as a digital file, even if if it's officially published as an ebook, and anything super-limited will leak out.)

The cover of a book named Dark Grey Smoke. (What, you say the creator didn't mean it as a joke? Too late....)

Two words: Tumblr Pro. Well, two more: top hats!

Lemony Snicket has plagiarized Malcolm Gladwell, or maybe vice versa.

Lena Dunham will work on the script for the next Star Wars movie. (Not that one; it's already in process -- the next one.)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 will return in a big remake movie! (Hey, you've got your fandom; I've got mine.)

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