Monday, April 14, 2014

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 4/12

Every week, books are published -- probably, in these indy-friendly era, every day -- and every week, a few of them make their way to me. I don't read as fast as I used to, but I still can look quickly, and so I write a little bit about the books that just arrived in this space, in hopes they'll spark interest in someone out there.

This week I have two hardcovers, both from the SFF program at the Penguin half of the Random Penguin publishing monolith. Both are also military SF in popular series, but they have different little logos at the bottom of their spines, which is vastly more important to we folks in publishing than it is to anyone else in the world.

First up is Taylor Anderson's Deadly Shores: Destroyermen, the ninth book in the series about WWII destroyer USS Walker, which sideslipped into another universe (as you do) and found itself in the middle of a war between two sapient races on a very different world. That war is still grinding along, and the Walker is still in the middle of it, in Deadly Shores, which is coming from Roc on May 6th.

And then Jack Campbell's long-running series returns with TThe Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Steadfast, which is an Ace book on May 6th. It's the tenth book in all, and the fourth in the "Beyond the Frontier" sub-series -- although this one seems to be primarily set on this side of the frontier, starting on Earth and heading straight to Europa.

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