Monday, June 02, 2014

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 5/31

I say this a lot: some weeks there's a lot of mail, and some weeks there's only a little. But I don't ever want to take something free -- sent me because of someone else's choice, for their own reasons -- for granted, or start thinking I "deserve" it. (And I wish that the Hugo Voter Packet whiners would learn that lesson: they do a very poor job at being grateful for the free things that they do get.)

This was a week of no mail, which I possibly could have predicted, since last week was particularly packed. So I don't have any books to mention here this week. I think I'll have books next week, but who knows? It's always possible than any particular free book is the last one I'll ever see. Either way is fine with me: it's not my choice, either way, so I don't place any weight on it.

A Book-A-Day post will show up in a few hours, and regular blogging will continue as usual. Next week at this time, we'll both see if the Package Fairy has blessed me this particular week.

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