Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Book-A-Day Index Updated

If anyone out there is having one of those lazy summer weeks, stuck in an office when everyone else is gone away -- to a conference, or on vacation, or just doing something offsite more interesting than you -- you may possibly be interested to know that I've just updated the Book-A-Day index for this year.

So far, 2014's Book-A-Day has a hundred and eighty-nine posts covering two hundred and four books, one misnumbering, and potential hours of time-wasting. (I admit to spending too much time reading my own archives myself, though even I'll admit I don't hold a candle to TV Tropes as a time-sink. So this may be an equally-useful time-waster for some of you.)

And here's hoping your summer -- or winter, for those in the antipodes -- is going well.

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