Saturday, May 30, 2015

Declaration of Review Bankruptcy

Right at this very second, I have twenty-seven books sitting stacked on the corner of my desk. I've read all of them and reviewed none of them.

I've repeatedly said here that my goal is to put each book I read into its own post -- maybe short, maybe long, maybe half-assed in some cases -- because I like things tidy and because that helps me find them later. (I'm under no illusions that this blog is primarily for anything but my own amusement and external memory.)

But I'm also very fond of saying "the best is the enemy of the good," and this is one of those cases. By the time this weekend is over, and the month of May with it, at least half of those books will be off my desk and will have at least a couple of words attached to them here. (If I get really ambitious, some of those words will be scheduled to post later in the week.) If there was anyone hoping that I'd do a long, thorough post on, say, Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen or The Inner Man: The Life of J.G. Ballard (both of which, among several others, deserve it), I apologize for having let you down once again.

Regular service will probably not resume after this; I am reading quickly again, but my blogging time is severely limited with the new-job schedule. (Out the door at 6:40 AM, back home after 8 PM, and a faint hope to do other things with my free time in my exhausted evenings.) We'll see how this shakes out over time: I have a couple of reading projects I'd planned to do this year, but I'll need to be back on the regular-blogging horse before that can happen.

Anyway, the good news is that there will be at least a post or two with some words in them. I may even say something that intrigues you about a book you might love. Stranger things have happened.

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