Monday, December 03, 2018

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 12/1

Two books this week -- one each from the mail and the library. As always, books that actually come in the mail get priority, so first is...

Big Red, the debut novel from Irish writer Damien Larkin, coming from Dancing Lemur Press on May 19th. It looks like a near-future story, probably somewhere between mystery/thriller and military SF. On the first page, a soldier is waking up under serious medical treatment and being urgently questioned if anyone else survived. His memory isn't clear, but he was on a tour of duty on Mars and doesn't seem to be there now. This may not be a terribly hard SF novel, since there seem to be "natives" on Mars, but maybe they're originally from somewhere else. In any case, that first-person narrator -- the back cover calls him Darren Loughlin -- will need to figure out what happened on Mars and what he needs to do next.

From the library comes The Adventures of Tintin, Vol. 3, the third omnibus of the popular young-readers graphic novel series by Herge. (Note: I expect there will be disagreements about both "young-adult" and "graphic novel" in the previous sentence.) I expect I will enjoy these stories, much like I did the ones in volumes one and two, and will also complain once again that this edition shrinks the pages down from their original album size.

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