Monday, September 13, 2021

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 9/11/21

Three books from the library this week, and they were:

Fangs by Sarah Andersen - This seems to be an original vampire-themed graphic novel from the cartoonist who does the Sarah's Scribbles strip. Weirdly, I put this one on reserve at the library (not really noticing who the creator was), then read digitally & reviewed the first Sarah's Scribbles collection (that post hasn't gone live yet, and won't for about a month), and only then got this book in my hands from the library. It looks like it's in a completely different art style, both from Andersen's loose cartooning for the strip and her lush mid-century illustrative work. So I'm not sure where this book is going or how it fits into her career, which is a fun place to be.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 11: Call Your Squirrelfriend is the penultimate collection of the series, by the usual creators of Ryan North (words), Derek Charm (lines), and Rico Renzi (colors). I seem to speeding up as I get to the end of this series - I've been reading it 2-3 years late consistently, but my post for Vol. 10 is written and not yet published, so maybe I'm closing in on only eighteen months! (Instead, see my post on Vol. 9 and track backward from there if you feel the need.)

And then there's Black Hammer: Age of Doom, Part I, the fifth book in the heavily-lauded superhero series written by Jeff Lemire and mostly drawn (as here) by Dean Ormston. In this case, I have two books in the series that I've read and written about, but the posts are sitting quietly in the queue waiting to see the light of day - look for Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil this Wednesday, actually, and Doctor Andromeda and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows somewhat later. This Age of Doom book announces that it's finally getting back to the main story of the person named Black Hammer, so you might guess some of the things I said about those two books. The description here also gloats that, as soon as it does get back to the story of Black Hammer II, it immediately sends her away from the original cast to have other adventures, so I gather the core concept of "never actually finish the story began in issue 1" is still in effect.

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