Monday, January 03, 2022

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 1/1/22

This past week, I got the third of three packages of comics that I ordered over the past month: there were three big sales from different folks, and I like taking advantage of sales to get things that I wanted anyway.

I probably shouldn't buy more books any time soon, but these are all comics-format stuff, so I'm reading them quickly: I should be done with all of this by the end of January. We'll see if I get more then.

For now, here's what just arrived in the house, because I wanted it and paid for it:

Rebecca & Lucie in the Case of the Missing Neighbor - a graphic novel by Pascal Girard that is, I think, at least based on real life, since it's about his wife and infant daughter solving a local crime. I suspect it is somewhat fictionalized, but I guess I'll find that out by reading it.

Factory Summers is a new autobiographical story by Guy Delisle; this time he's doing the Michel Rabagliati thing and writing about his youth. As I understand it, this is the story of one summer, when Delisle was sixteen and he worked on the floor of the paper mill where his father was an engineer.

Scoop Scuttle and His Pals is a big collection of nutty Basil Wolverton stories, I believe mostly from the '40s and '50s. (I've only seen Wolverton's stuff in passing; I'm not even all that clear how long his career lasted.) He's supposedly one of the great funny cartoonists, so I'll see.

Dungeon Zenith, Vol. 4: Outside the Ramparts is the first new book in the "Donjon" series to get translated into English since I did a big read-through of the whole series a couple of years ago. (I think there may have been other, uncollected books - the graphic on the copyright page now has two more subseries, one set in the distant past and one in the distant future, and it's not clear if those are real things or plans.) Both of the bandes dessinees collected here were written by Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar (like all of Dungeon) and drawn by Boulet, who has done several Dungeon books.

Perdy, Vol. 2 continues the story of the hard-living, hard-fighting, hard-fucking woman gunslinger of the title, written and drawn by Kickliy. Perdy is not some pretty young thing, though, in case the "fucking" is arousing a certain kind of prurient interest - she's the female equivalent of John Wayne, only lustier. I liked the first one, so I'm back for this one.

And last is The Golden Age, Book 1, another book translated from the French and the beginning of what I think is an epic fantasy series. (It's from First Second, so I suspect it will be slightly more family-friendly than a lot of the French comics I read. But maybe only slightly.) This is written by Roxanne Moreil, whose work I haven't seen before, and drawn by Cyril Pedrosa, whose Three Shadows is one of my favorites books of all time and whose Portugal was just one of my favorites of 2021 (despite being published a few years before).

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