Monday, July 04, 2022

Books Read: June 2022

When I have a long weekend immediately after the end of a month, I actually remember to do these posts on time. Go me!

Here's what I read last month:

Dave McKean, Raptor: A Sokol Graphic Novel (digital, 6/4)

Steve Martin, Cruel Shoes (6/4)

Manuele Fior, Celestia (6/5)

Charles Stross, Escape from Yokai Land (6/5)

Darrly Cunningham, Billionaires (6/11)

Rutu Modan, Tunnels (6/12)

K.J. Parker, Inside Man (6/12)

Tillie Walden, Alone in Space (6/17)

Joe Ciardiello, A Fistful of Drawings (digital, 6/18)

Brian Gordon, Fowl Language: Winging It (digital, 6/19)

Gregory Mardon, Body and Soul (digital, 6/20)

James Alan Gardner, They Promised Me the Gun Wasn't Loaded (6/20)

Brenna Thummler, Sheets (digital, 6/25)

Zander Cannon, Kaijumax, Season 4: Scaly Is the New Black (digital, 6/26)

Walter Mosley, Trouble Is What I Do (6/26)

Next month I'll read more books. And maybe even remember to list them here.

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