Friday, July 01, 2022

Quote of the Week: A Lesson Many People Should Learn

"Belay that remarking, buddy. I've got a feeling we may meet more people who are put together in ways you haven't seen before, so I'll give you a thirty-second course in etiquette. When you encounter someone physically radical, do not speak about that person as if they were not present, whisper to who you're with, or make faces or gestures. You can speak to the person, because it's a person, and if you don't mind the risk of seeming a little boorish you can go straight to making reference to how they look and how they got that way, they're used to it. Mostly it's good manners not to bring it up until they do."

 - Molly the Dwerg, in Daniel Pinkwater's Crazy in Poughkeepsie, pp.85-86

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