Monday, September 12, 2022

Reviewing the Mail: Week of September 10, 2022

I needed to order something quickly, and that hegemonic retailer (you know the one) had a deal where if I spent $25 I could get free delivery that same day, and, well, I'm not made of stone, you know, so I found a book I would have bought eventually anyway to get up to that level.

This is that book; it may look vaguely familiar, since I got the second in the series (and posted one of these things about it) a month ago. I can also say my post on the first book in the series is coming up later this week.

But, for today, what I have is the third book in what I think is a trilogy: Lord Quillifer by Walter Jon Williams. It's secondary-world fantasy, first-person narration, and zero writers are better than WJW at his best, if I want to put it in a countdown format. I liked the first book well enough to buy two 500-plus page books within a month, even though I'm pretty much only reading 200-ish page books these days.

What else can I say? Williams has been one of our best writers for thirty-ish years now, always doing something new and interesting with each project, and I'm hoping to at least catch up with this series of his. (I see that the space-opera Praxis series, which I have entirely missed so far, is seven books long, so I have a much better shot here.)

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