Monday, September 19, 2022

Reviewing the Mail: Week of September 17, 2022

I have one book to write about this week, and it's a very small one.

Hellhounds is a novella - maybe novelette? - published as a book, by David Sandner and Jacob Wesiman, It's coming from Fairwood Press in November, and it's a sequel to their previous Mingus Fingers, about the famous jazzman of the title and whether he did or did not turn into a giraffe while playing. (I have a copy of the first book on the shelf but haven't read it yet - yes, I know the thing is only sixty pages long; there's a lot on the shelf - so my description may be incorrect in small or large ways.)

In Hellhounds, the main character of Mingus - the young musician with the seeing-giraffes vision - is missing, and his brother must find him, and it sounds like he may not be searching in the world of the living, if you get my meaning.

These books sound deeply weird in the best ways; I again insist that I will find time to read them.

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