Saturday, February 25, 2023

Quote of the Week: It is Too Much; Let Me Sum Up

"So you sat up all night with one of your all-time favorite writers and you can't remember a single thing he said?"

"There was one thing."


"he stopped in mid-sentence, " I remembered, "and took hold of my shoulder. He was this meek-looking little guy, but his eyes were very intense, and they bored into mine, And he said, 'There's just one thing I have to tell you, and if you forget everything else, make damn sure you remember this."


"And then he just sighed, and shook his head, and moved his hand as if to wave the world away. 'Never mind,' he told me. 'It's not important.'"

 - Lawrence Block, The Burglar Who Met Fredric Brown, p.261

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