Monday, July 03, 2023

Books Read: June 2023

Here's what I read this past month; there will be links, eventually, once the posts go live and I remember to link them.

Jean "Moebius" Giraud, Inside Moebius, Part I (digital, 6/3)

Hayao Miyazaki, Shuna's Journey (6/4)

Mark Alan Stamaty, MacDoodle St. (6/10)

Will McPhail, Love & Vermin (6/11)

Michael Korda, Country Matters (6/11)

The P. Craig Russell Library of Opera Adaptations, Vol. 2 (6/16)

Bob Eckstein, editor, All's Fair in Love & War: The Ultimate Cartoon Book (6/17)

Simon Murphy, Cox's Fragmenta: An Historical Miscellany (6/17)

Julia Wertz, Impossible People (6/18)

Jamie S. Rich and JoĆ«lle Jones, You Have Killed Me (6/19)

Stewart O' Nan, West of Sunset (6/19)

Jeff Lemire and Caitlin Yarsky, Black Hammer Reborn, Part III (digital, 6/24)

Kim Newman and Paul McCaffrey, Anno Dracula: 1895: Seven Days in Mayhem (6/25)

James Simpson, translator, Reynard the Fox (6/25)

I see that almost all of them were actual physical books this month, which is not the norm these days - maybe the library Hoopla app losing all of Europe Comics affected that. (I'm still mourning that loss.)

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