Sunday, July 02, 2023

Quote of the Hour: A Proper Throne

At any rate, among the fantasies I nurtured into manhood - a princely income and a sleek, piratical schooner for cruising the Great Barrier Reef to mention only two - was a clear-cut image of my ideal study. Its appointments varied from time to time; on occasion the walls were book-lined, or hung with rare trophies like Mrs. Gray's lechwe or a sitatunga, or again bare except for a few gems of Impressionist painting. The focus, the keystone of the d├ęcor, nonetheless, never varied - a capacious, swollen club chair, well polished, into whose depth one sank and somniferously browsed through the latest English review. There might be a revolving mahogany bookcase alongside, but I wasn't sure.

 - S.J. Perelman, "Monomania, You and Me Is Quits," p.204 in The World of S.J. Perelman

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