Thursday, July 05, 2007

This Weekend

I will not be at the Heinlein Centennial (and associated festivities; I know the Sturgeon and Campbell Memorial Awards will be given away then as well, and my failing memory suggests other fun things may be happening as well).

I will be at Readercon. I'm not on the program (since I didn't make the decision to go until the last minute), but I may try to weasel my way on, especially if whoever's doing programming is someone I know. (It's all about who you know in this world; don't let anyone tell you any different.)

I'll probably post here a few more times before I go (and pile some more logs onto the ComicMix fire as well), but blogging will stop here at about noon tomorrow and not resume until late on Sunday (if at all). I do have a Heinlein post (another reprint from rasfw) to toss out dated Saturday, his centennial, but Blogger doesn't actually hold posts to their publication dates, so it'll probably be the last thing I throw up before I leave.

Be good while I'm gone, OK?

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Larc said...

Didn't recognize you at Readercon (I tried looking at nametags!). I was the woman chasing after the loud almost three year-old with the ponytails and tye-dye dress. Hope you had fun, I know we did!

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