Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Bad Cover Contest Rolls On

You know, I do a lot for you folks, and I don't ask for much. (I don't even explicitly ask about all of my Amazon links, preferring to leave that to implication and guilt.) One of the very few things I did ask for was for you to vote for my title in Orbit's big ongoing Bad Cover saga.

But it didn't work -- you folks may have voted loyally (for all I know), but Rise of the Fallen, Book Seven: The Pre-Antepenultimate Battle lost -- lost!!!! -- to Across a Trembling Sea the Cyborg Fairies Dance.

I'll get over my soul-crushing disappointment eventually. And there's still a chance for a little bit of glory -- Orbit is now looking for an author and a cover reading line for this book. So go and do your worst.

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