Saturday, August 22, 2009

Incoming Books: 21 August

I'm on the Borders e-mail list, so I get some kind of offer from them at least once a week -- usually it's something like "all DVD box sets 30% off in stores" or "buy one paperback, get another for 30% off, limited to store stock only." And usually I put the coupon aside, sometimes with a vague intention to go to the (very close) Borders to see what they have. But recently they sent me a coupon with a better offer, which was also good at their website, and so I've actually spent some money.

The deal was to buy one book, and then get a second one for 50% off -- so I found some small-press SF books (four of them), that didn't have any discount on Amazon. And the first two came in yesterday -- I suppose the other two will arrive later, and I'll mention them then.

My four books broke down neatly -- two by Zelazny, two by Silverberg -- and this package continued the split, containing the two Silverberg books:

Other Spaces, Other Times is Silverberg's memoirs of his life in the science fiction world -- conglomerated and adapted from various things Silverberg has written (introductions, columns, etc.) over the past few decades for various reasons. It seems to be all edited together to form a coherent narrative -- and, even if it isn't, I've mentioned several times in the past that I have a weakness for collections of fiction writers' occasional nonfiction, so I expect I'll like this even if it is choppy and disjointed. It's published by an outfit called Nonstop Press, whom I've never heard of. (They say that they're in New York, which is even more surprising -- the book credits Luis Ortiz as editor and Bret Erway as copy editor, and I haven't heard of them. Have I been out of the SF world that long?)

And the other Silverberg book is the third in the ongoing Subterranean Press "Collected Stories" series -- the first of them that I think I've bought, which shows how far behind I am -- Something Wild is Loose, which collects stories from 1969 to 1972. Silverberg is and was an amazing writer of short fiction, and that's perhaps his best period. So -- assuming I ever have time to get to this book, which is a big assumption -- I've got a great book of short stories to look forward to. And now I'm officially collecting this series, so I'd better hurry and find the other books.
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