Tuesday, August 04, 2009

James Bond Daily: The Proper Card Game for the Nursery

From pp.118-119 of Diamonds Are Forever, in which a visit to a Las Vegas casino sends 007 into a reverie of nearly madeleine proportions:
Blackjack! The old 21 of childhood days. It brought back memories of big teas in other children's playrooms; of grown-ups counting out the coloured bone counters in piles so that each child had a shilling's worth; the excitement of turning up a ten and an ace and being paid double; the thrill of that fifth card when one already had seventeen and wants a four or less for 'Five and Under'.

And now he was going to play the nursery game again. Only this time the dealer would be a crook and the coloured counters of his bet would be worth 300 on each hand. He had grown up and now this would be a real grown-up game.
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