Saturday, February 05, 2022

Books Read: January 2022

As always, this is almost entirely for me in the future rather than for any other reader. Links will follow once the posts go live.

This is what I read last month:

Guy Delisle, Factory Summers (1/1/)

Kickliy, Perdy, Vol. 2 (1/2)

Roxanne Moreil and Cyril Pedrosa, The Golden Age, Book 1 (1/8)

Tardi, Farewell, Brindavoine (1/9)

Pascal Girard, Rebecca & Lucie in the Case of the Missing Neighbor (1/15)

R. Kikuo Johnson, No One Else (1/16)

Steven Brust, The Baron of Magister Valley (1/16)

Basil Wolverton, Scoop Scuttle and His Pals (1/17)

Dan Nadel and Frank Santoro, editors, Return to Romance! The Strange Love Stories of Ogden Whitney (1/22)

Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, and Boulet, Dungeon Zenith, Vol. 4: Outside the Ramparts (1/23)

Peter Kuper, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness (1/28)

Joan Didion, The White Album (in We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live, 1/28)

Grant Snider, I Will Judge You by Your Bookshelf (1/29, digital)

Jordi Lafebre, Always Never (1/30, digital)

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